16 December 2010

Jewish presence in Romania

The map above shows the concentration of the Jewish population, divided into administrative divisions within the Greater Romania, according to the census of 1930 - click it to see it in larger format.

The administrative divisions (judete) of Cernauti, Iasi and Lapusna had the highest absolute number of communities, each of them housing more than 40,000 Jews.

NB: (1) Cernauti: or Chernovitz, Chernivtsi, main administrative division of Northern Bukovina, with the homonymous capital, today in Ukraine, (2) Iasi: also known as Jassy, the most important administrative division of the historical region of Romanian Moldova, with homonymous capital, (3) Lapusna: administrative division in Bessarabia, with Chisinau (Kishinev) as capital, today the capital of the Republic Moldova.

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