21 December 2010

Yiddish theater in Iasi

On 26 Nov 2009, it was launched a joint stamp issue Romania-Israel (picture), dedicated to Avram Goldfaden (1840-1909), creator of the world's first Yiddish theater in the Romanian city of Iasi.

Born in 1840 in the Russian village of Staro-Konstantin, Avram Goldfaden moved to Odessa in 1866, after completing his studies at the rabbinical school of Simferopol, where he began an intense creative activity as a dramatist and poet.

He leaves in 1875 to Munich in order to study Medicine. He abandons such plans and, after a brief stay in Chernivtsi, Golfaden moves to Iaşi, where he is asked to be the editor of a newspaper and to stage his plays as an actor, writer, director and musician.

On August 19, 1876, it takes place the first representation ever of the Yiddish theater group he created, which shall carry out tours through Odessa, Braila, Galati, Botoşani and Bucharest, where it earns a permanent stage.

From 1887, he continues his theatrical activity in New York with other pioneers of the Yiddish theater, where he continues writing and staging, with great success, several plays and musicals until his death in 1908.

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