24 December 2010

Visit to Edinet

While visiting Edinet in northern Bessarabia, in May 2010, while guiding the family Serebrenic from São Paulo, I was able to photograph the house of one of the four drunk Jews of the town, now in ruins, as Leon Akkerman, one of the few Jews who remained there, showed me:

And below, the house that in the past was one of the many synagogues of that city which, according to the census of 1930, from a total of almost 6,000 inhabitants, had a population of about 5,300 Jews:

Across the street, it stands the house of the family Akkerman, in an architecture typical of the region. In such traditional house, like many others, there lived Jewish families who were almost completely wiped out in July 1941, when the joint German and Romanian forces repelled the Soviets and took the city:

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