24 December 2010

Serebrenic & Bitelman

At the end of May 2010, I guided the couple Tatiana and Jaime Serebrenic (São Paulo) in a journey to their Bessarabian roots. After visiting Bucharest and southern Bukovina, with its impressive monasteries - UNESCO World Heritage Sites - we crossed the Romanian border near Iasi towards Chisinau. 
In the capital of the Republic of Moldova, besides being able to visit with her husband a Chabad synagogue and old buildings belonging in the past to the large Jewish community, Tatiana could find, in the local Jewish cemetery, the graves of several relatives, especially the uncle of his father, Michel Bitelman (photo).

Then we drove to northern Bessarabia, visiting Orhei, Balti, Edinet and Briceni. Jaime's father left Edinet in 1930 towards Brazil; visiting the city of his origins was an old dream that, as the photo shows, has come true.

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